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In the Classroom

New HSC English

English Stage 6 - Prescriptions: Modules, Electives & Texts Analysis

Blowing Snow

Human Experience - Related Materials

A list of related texts associated with the theme and course requirements for Years 11 and 12.

Student Street Notes

The Craft of Writing

A focus on imaginative, informative, pursuasive and discursive writing, along with developing skills implementing key techniques/devices.

Fairy Lights

English Stage 6 Presriptions

An analysis of the American novel by Cormac McCarthy set in an apocalyptic wasteland.

Human Pyramid

Human Experience

An analysis of the Shakespearean play focussing on soliloquies, themes, act summary and character examination.

Woman Typing

Sample HSC Questions #1

Preliminary practice paper designed by English HSC Helpdesk to test your literary technique knowledge and writing skills.

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