Advanced English

Welcome to the Advanced English General Advice page:


Assignment Advice

On this page you will find links to useful web pages as well as resources that you can use to help with your understanding of texts and their context. This page will emerge over the course of time and additional resources will appear as these are generated.

The most useful resource is, of course, your teacher. Your teacher will be able to give you a transparent understanding of how your assessment tasks will be assessed. Considering this forms one half of your assessment, it is vital to listen to what their expectations will be for any given assessment.
Your teacher will assign certain outcomes to tasks. These outcomes can be found in the syllabus that is hosted on the BOSTES site, (page 22).


The most important advice is to read the task carefully and know what your teacher wants. The basic expectation is going to be a knowledge of the AOS or Module that you are studying. This will include related material. You need to prepare early and make sure that you have a good knowledge of the text.


External Resources


There are a number of really good sites for finding resources that will help you with your understanding of the text. There is no substitute for reading the text well and making personal notes. Your teacher and the examiner is more interested in your own individual insights into a text, in relation to the question/task, than they are in what summary you have read. It is important not to just 'dump' onto a page 'everything you don't know about the text.' This means a prepared response, that does not relate closely to the question, will show a lack of knowledge rather than a proficiency with the text. With this disclaimer in mind, some useful sources, to help with your revision, follow below: