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Being COVID Prepared May Not Be Fully Prepared

With the COVID-19 situation that Sydney finds itself in there has been a real problem with the completion of Trial Examinations. Never before has it been so essential to seek tutorial help before your HSC examinations. This year's preparation has been worse than at any stage in NSW history.

Most schools have been working frantically to establish some sort of a task for students. NESA has given schools the licence to do whatever they like for this task. Whilst some schools are doing an online 'real exam,' some are not. A simple assessment may seem like an option you are happy with now, but is it really preparing you for the HSC and even for University beyond this?

Since the HSC started the Trials have involved an actual practice for the HSC exams. COVID has given schools the licence to replace it with another type of task and to change the weighting of tasks across the year to reflect this last minute change. This may be well and good but the thing that is denuded is the experience of the examination and the preparation for students that these exams afford.

These Trials are essential! without them students will be going into the HSC unprepared.

At English HSC Helpdesk we prepare students for those first two exams to make students not only feel prepared but to be prepared for the real HSC exams that will be completed this year. Students have been vaccinated in preparation for these exams so they WILL happen.

HSC English Helpdesk can help if you wish to reach the level of preparedness you need and deserve.

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