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Since 2001, NIE's medical interview training has been unparalleled and incomparable in content, quality and value to any other course provider in the industry. Give us a call, speak to the Interviews Coordinator, and find out the key information today!


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SYDNEY - 3 November 2019  (4 spots left)

SYDNEY - 9 November 2019  

SYDNEY - 10 November 2019 

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NIE interview workshops are capped at 14 students

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An intensive Medical Interviews Preparation Workshop for students who are expecting to receive an interview offer for the Undergraduate Medical School.

The unique NIE workshop program aims for students to gain an in-depth understanding and required knowledge of the medical interview processes. The workshop is entirely structured and based on the models that are taught during our popular one-on-one personalised medical interview session. The workshop will allow each and every attendee to learn the required skills and practical understanding for the university which they received an interview offer from.

The interview is an extremely competitive process. You will be assessed against other candidates who have not only tried as hard as you have to achieve their goals but who are also just as sincere and goal-driven in their desire to succeed. So, how will YOU achieve success? How will YOU be at your best? How will YOU gain that slight edge required to outperform the other candidates?  Partner with NIE and let us maximise your medical interview potential!

The workshop will be a fun and exciting day filled with intense learning through practice, role plays, group activities, self-reflection, theory, and of course personal feedback. All students will experience the proverbial "Hot Chair", that is, each student will have one-on-one practice with the teacher, as well as training via station rotations while practising the relevant medical interview questions. The day is finalised with constructive feedback, recommendations, and performance-improving suggestions for the medical school oral assessment.

This workshop is not only imperative for those who have been offered or expecting a medical interview offer, but it is also important for one's future career and studies.

The workshop is conducted from 9.00am - 6.00pm by NIE's Senior Interviews Trainer and Interviews Program Coordinator. 


What NIE students say about our interview teachers and teaching methods


The interview workshop was great. The intensive style of the program in which we were exposed to the very different interview structures was challenging and a great learning experience. Listening to the feedback for each of the candidates' mock interviews was great for improving my own approach to the interview. While I found the mock interviews quite challenging, I thought it would have been nice to have more of these mock interviews with the two teachers as was done in the beginning. However, in the time given, the workshop was well structured and very helpful. Regards, (N.K)


To Whom it May Concern. Thank you to NIE for coaching my son today and for giving me a call to provide feedback on how my son is progressing with his interview skills. In short, the feedback my son gave me is: "Amazing staff and lecturers who were engaging and encouraging. Teachers addressed the hard topics of the interviews throughout the lesson. Lots of one-to-one contact and practice. Excellent medical interview and role-playing tactics." Thank You Very Much! (N.L)


Hello. I did the workshop and the one-on-one session of interview training with Zac and Sasha in Sydney, including a mock interview and feedback afterwards. I believe this one session really cemented my interview techniques, gave me confidence and improved my weaknesses immensely! They were tough and tested your resilience - which I found to be challenging but very useful and beneficial as I encountered many interviewers in my MMI that were similarly tough or who didn't seem very positive. The questions they asked were spot on, their university-specific style of questioning was great in preparing us for the challenges of each different university's interviews and the feedback they offered after the mock interview was very constructive and helpful. It was overall a very helpful training session - one that I believed pushed my interview skills to the maxi um and led me to be successful in getting into medicine at the university I wanted! My sister also went to interview training with them, and she had similar positive feedback, and she also gained a place into her uni of choice. So, I cannot stress enough how helpful these two have been for me and my sister - if any future students do sufficient preparation prior to the interview training and are driven to do medicine. I am sure that Zobair and Sasha will help them to achieve their dreams just like us. Thank you! Regards (H.H.)


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